Authors’ Guidelines

The authors of the articles and book reviews are requested to observe the following publication guidelines:

• The articles can be edited in Romanian, English, French, Italian or Spanish.
• The articles should contain the author’s full name and affiliation, along with the author’s e-mail address. The authors are requested to supply an auto-bio-bibliography (approximately 20 lines), in a footnote.
• The articles should contain an abstract (10-15 lines), followed by 5-7 Keywords (Palatino Linotype, 9, single spaced).
• All the articles and book reviews must be edited using diacritical marks; if there are special Fonts, these should also be sent.
• Images, tables, graphics, must follow the copyright legislation.

• The page format: paper A4 (no Letter, Executive, A5 etc.);
• The page margins: top – 5,75 cm; bottom – 5 cm; left and right – 4,25 cm; header – 4,75 cm; footer – 1,25 cm.
• The articles submitted for publication must be typed single spaced, in Palatino Linotype, 11.
The title of the article should be centered, bold, all capitals (Palatino Linotype, 11).
The author’s name (bold capitals) and affiliation should be centered, under the title (Palatino Linotype, 9).
The abstract (with the translated title; Palatino Linotype 9, single spaced) precedes the text of the article; the Keywords (Palatino Linotype 9, bold) follow the abstract.
The notes should be indicated by superscript numbers in the text and typed at the bottom of the page (single spaced, Palatino Linotype 9).
The references or the quotations sources should be indicated in the text, following the format: (Author year:(space)page) − (Pop 2001: 32); (Pop/Ionescu 2001: 32).
The abbreviations or abbreviated titles (SMCF, vol. II, p. 20) can be used in the papers; they will be included completely in the listed references at the end of the article, as it follows:

SMCF – Studii şi cercetări privitoare la formarea cuvintelor în limba română, vol. II, Bucureşti, Editura Academiei Române, 1961.
LR – Limba română etc....
RITL – Revista de istorie şi teorie literară etc....

The references should observe the following styles:

(1) Books, Basic Format: Author, A. (, B. B. Author, C. C. Author), Year of publication, Title of Work, Location, Publisher.

Coteanu, I., 1982, Gramatica de bază a limbii române, Bucureşti, Editura Albatros.

(2) Edited Books,Basic Format: Author, A. A. (, B. B. Author, C. C. Author)(ed./eds.), Year of publication, Title of Work, Location, Publisher (only the name of the first editor inverted).

Zafiu, R., C. Stan, Al. Nicolae (eds.), 2007, Studii lingvistice. Omagiu profesoarei Gabriela Pană Dindelegan, la aniversare, Bucureşti, Editura Universităţii din     Bucureşti.

(3)  Articles or Chapters in Edited Book, Basic Format: Author, A. A. (, B. B. Author), Year of publication, “Title of article/ chapter”, in A. Editor (, B. Editor) (ed./eds.), Year of publication: pages of chapter. 
The edited book must appear separately in the list of references.

Zamboni, A., 1998, „Cambiamento di lingua o cambiamento di sistema? Per un bilancio cronologico della transizione”,in J. Herman (ed.) 1998: 99-127.
Herman,J. (ed.), 1998, La tranzitione dal latino alle lingue romanze. Atti della Tavola Rotonda di Linguistica Storica, Università Ca’Foscari di Venezia, 14-15 giugno 1996, Tübingen, Niemeyer.

(4) Articles in Journals, Basic Format: Author, A. A. (, B. B. Author), Year of publication, “Title of the article”, in Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages.

Fischer, I., 1968, "Remarques sur le traitement de la diphtongue au en latin vulgaire", in Revue Roumaine de Linguistique, XIII, nr. 5, pp. 417-420.

Authors will attach to the submitted material a statement of integrity that the text belongs to them entirely, that it has not been previously published in other publications and that they have not used other documentary sources besides those indicated in the bibliographic references (see here). The editorial board assumes the right to verify the potential situations of plagiarism or copyright infringement.

Contributions should be submitted electronically in a WORD format (formats .doc or .rtf) to the e-mail address: