Annals of the University of Bucharest, Studies of Romanian Language and Literature
No 2003


  • DAN GRIGORESCU A scholar
  • MIRCEA ANGHELESCU The ancient religious poetry and the romantic poetry. Issues of priciple
  • MADEEA AXINCIUC On the transparent body of the prophet and the human accomplishment in « Călăuza rătăciţilor » by Moise Maimonide
  • DOINA BANCIU The culture of the information and of communication in Romania
  • LAVINIA BĂNICĂ The heaven in the Romanian imaginary of the 17th century
  • MARIA CVASÎI CĂTĂNESCU Dimitrie Cantemir. Techniques of euphonic prose
  • GHEORGHE CHIVU Rereading the ancient Romanian literature. Licences in the rime of « Psaltirea în versuri »
  • NICOLAE CONSTANTINESCU Possible folkloric patterns in I.L. Caragiale’s prose.
  • ALEXANDRA CRĂCIUN « Mioriţa » as a vegetal myth
  • CARMEN DIACONESCU Lucian Blaga: a philosophic perspective on cultures
  • MIHAI DINU Dosoftei and the folkloric lyrics
  • CONSTANTIN DOMINTE Two linguistic notes on the Moldavian annalists
  • GEORGE GANĂ The poetic curses
  • ALEXANDRU HANŢĂ The echo of the 1789 French Revolution in Ion Ghica’s creation
  • ELENA IONESCU Hoc est ius cenae or on the labyrinth
  • VASILE MORAR « Noi despre ceilalţi » and the elementary moral judgment
  • CRISTIAN MOROIANU The parts of the body. Etymological doublets
  • GABRIELA PANĂ DINDELEGAN Notes on Romanian passive
  • ZAMFIRA POPESCU The spiral – a figure of thought at Pascal
  • ADRIANA STOICHIŢOIU-ICHIM Notes on the semantics of the term leader in the contemporary Romanian